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Cole Ehresmann & Zach Gapinski


"ShredHub" A web development platform aimed at unifying the online action sports community in the form of a website and app. We connect the riders and athletes with relevant brands and shops within their direct sport and related content. The site's profiles will act as a 'linked-in' for action sports (i.e. snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, surfing, motocross etc.) We are currently working with SportsEngine (just bought by NBC sports) to prototype the model of our platform & within the coming months we are giving a pitch to the Vice President of SportsEngine who facilitated the merger with NBC sports/ SportsEngine.

Adam Kirsch

"The Ducer Drag" is a brand new product developed by Adam Kirsch a Mechanical Engineering student originally from Waconia, MN. Personal sonar devices designed to help a ice fisherman catch fish are growing in popularity, the Ducer Drag is an innovative product to work with the sonar device to make sure it helps you catch fish, not lose them. Ensuring the modern fisherman has every opportunity to be successful on his or her fishing outing.

Mike Kenyanya


"Health-at-Hand" In just the past 50 years, modern medicine and the healthcare industry have matured in amazing ways. Unfortunately, this industry still lags when compared to others in terms of technology. We aim to fix that. There’s an app for everything, except your health. Health-at-Hand will serve as an all around health management tool. The framework will facilitate appointment scheduling, medical history tracking, health alerts and fitness tracking. This information will be coupled with user-side inputs such as wearable technology and manually inputted data. When combined, the data from all these facets of our application will allow us to offer our users real-time health management. We’re here to help bridge the gap between you and your doctor.

Nathan Lipinski  


The Freezer Friend” Inspired by the Florida hurricanes, this freezer detector could potentially reduce the amount of food borne illness in a very cost effective manner. By using very basic principles of thermodynamics, I created a device that even in spite of complete power failure is able to detect unfrozen and therefore potentially contaminated foods. In addition, the patent for this device includes a miniature version that uses freezing point depression concepts by introducing different solvents so that a time sensitive package requiring below freezing condition could easily be checked for accuracy.

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Sebastian Nemec  

"Folx" Because shopping should be easy for any body. Folx is an e-commerce retail store that consolidates all of the products transgender people are looking for into one site, saving them time and money. The mission of Folx is to help trans+ people live their best lives. Sebastian Nemec, BA Cultural Entrepreneurship 2017.

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